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Tom Reifenberg
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Hacktoberfest 2021 - Growing With Pull Requests


I got my start with open source with last year's Hacktoberfest; that was certainly a wild year, but it was a great time to get started on collaborating with folks outside of my bootcamp at the time.


Knocked out all of my open pull requests the other week, so I'm done with those contributions for the season!


It was a pretty straightforward roundup this year; worked on some starter kits for the event, then helped fix up some issues on Javascript games that were tagged for Hacktoberfest, but not getting much attention.


This was an even better year than 2020's for me! I had just finished a coding bootcamp when it started back then, so it's been great to have something to benchmark how my skills have advanced over the course of a year. I'm looking forward to Hacktoberfest 2022 already!

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