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Discussion on: Using the x-callback-url with Shortcuts on iOS was great until... (it's been fixed!)

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Hi! Do you have any news about the issue? Did Apple fix it? I do not have Pythonista and I know nothing about Python, therefore I am kind of stuck.

Thank you very much, anyways!



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Brandon Da Silva Author

No good news about the issue unfortunately. Apple still hasn't fixed it and even more issues have popped up. Like now if you want to launch a Shortcut from your share sheet, there's a good chance it will timeout, forcing you to restart your phone.

I've been working on hosting my own Django server and swapping all of my x-callback-url actions with webhooks to that server. Doesn't solve for the share sheet timeout but I can no longer wait for Apple to fix this.

I don't have a ticket number or anything unfortunately, but I highly recommend the r/shortcuts subreddit. There's always great discussions and insights there.

Best of luck,