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Tom Lienard
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Creating my side-project in 2 weeks - day 1

Hello guys, this is currently my first post on DEV. So let’s start!

📌 Warning: i’m not a professionnal developer and designer. I’m just a 17 years old boy who’s enchanted by dev technologies and wants to share my work. If you find issues and improvements, feel free to tell me!

PS: i’m french so maybe my english will be terrible sometimes - apologise for this.

Creating my side-project in 2 weeks

First day: the basics

What’s my project idea?

Let’s begin with the basics. I got the idea one day to have a web application that can be like a draft board, where you can add post-it and arrows etc. It’s already exist but not exatly like in my awesome brain.

So with this idea, i started thinking about the name of the application, and found Shineboard - shine because it’s pretty cool and board cause it’s will be like a board. Convinced by this name, i bought the domain name at OVH, created the Twitter account and ordered a VPS at DigitalOcean to host the app.

What is the goal of this post?
I don't want to make a step-by-step tutorial on how i'm going to create this app, simply showing you the advancement every days.

I'm not going to create a full application - basically because it's impossible in 2 weeks, "simply" the MVP

Which framework/technologies?
I choose to use Laravel for the backend cause it’s in PHP - ❤️ - and it’s just so well documented and builded (also i have already experiences with it). And for the frontend ? I wanted to make the application a SPA so i started looking around for a framework that can handle this, and found that VueJS also can be a SPA with the help of VueRouter and Vuex - and that’s good because i also have experiences with it.

Preparing the terrain
I created the gitlab repository, which only contains a fresh Laravel application with basic login, using VueRouter for the SPA.

I started creating a basic ui library for buttons, inputs etc. And because i enjoyed building theses components, i created the starting of a landing page. Here is the result on mobile, i’m pretty happy with the design (of course it’s not the final design, there will be a lots of improvements).

Alt Text

Next day
Next day i’m going to create a first card design, and search to create a draggable effect for theses.

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Robert B.

nice name; hope you create an cool website/tool.

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Tom Lienard

Thanks a lot, hope too.