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Are you using JavaScript Testing Frameworks?

πŸ“Œ Introduction

First of all, I hope your day was good.
This post is made for everyone who is using or not a JavaScript Testing Framework and want to share his experience with it. Feel free to comment down below!

πŸ”Ž The question

I was wondering, *are you using any JavaScript Testing Framework * at your work, on your daily-routine? If yes, could you explain why you choose this one and not another one? And if no, why are you not using one?

There are plenty of tools like Mocha, Jest, Tape, AVA... But they all are slow, +1s for a simple test.

Do not hesitate to debate and share your experience, I’m very interested to know your preferences.

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gktim profile image

I use jest every day. It provides a good api and mocking is easy with it. For speed improvement you should try the --watch argument. You can filter which tests are executed e.g only the tests which was not successful. It executes the test when you save a file. I also use wallabyjs as an addition to get quick results directly in the IDE.

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I use Chai + Mocha in some projects but I use Jest more now because I like it's builtin JSDom features along with mocking.