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re: I do like the pattern, but in many cases I'd be inclined to split it later "when I have to". Right now it's as if you're in fact criticizing the de...

I don't think that splitting view and logic into separate files is against React design. It's been said many times that components doesn't have to emit JSX. Angular even encourages you to, having separate .template.html file.

But all this aside, this is strictly an idea. I've been using this approach for quite some time and I found it helpful, but that's me :) Please, let me know with what you'll end up with, perhaps you'll have better idea and we will all win then :)

I agree that it isn't against React design, as you know React is in totally non-opinionated about these kind of things (unlike frameworks like Angular and, to a lesser extent, Vue), that's why these kinds of architectural patterns are so heavily discussed within the React community.

As I said, I do like the idea, I was only questioning the practicality (or necessity) of splitting every component this way. My feeling/intuition is that the pattern is most valuable for the bigger or more complicated components. The principle or the concept as such is totally fine with me.

(I don't really have a better idea, and in the React world as in other "worlds" there are many ways to approach these problems, I'm not claiming to be an expert in this area, far from it)

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