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Discussion on: Why I (still) love Vaadin

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Tom Cools

I never gave Vaadin much of a chance because I was one of the "mindless drones" who considered that a front-end should be written in a "front-end framework" like Angular or React.

Having more experience in the consulting field now my view on that is shifting, rapidly.
I've seen too many projects slow down because of NPM issues, setup of yet another build tool (for Angular/React) and the endless discussion if the frontend should be "in the same repository or have it's own repository).

What slowed teams down the most is the context-switching between Java and Javascript. They are very alike (especially with Typescript) but different enough to be annoyed by little changes. That all is removed when switching to Vaadin.

That doesn't mean you won't struggle with Vaadin. You still need to learn THAT framework... and it's not always clear why you need to do certain things. (ex. you need to exclude the default ErrorMvcAutoconfiguration, as it messes with Vaadin..)... but at least you can do it all from the relative safety of your favorite IDE in your favorite JVM language.