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Why I don't like to look for a job

tomaszs2 profile image Tomasz Smykowski ・2 min read

Years ago I was actively looking for a job as a software developer, and found the process to be pretty frustrating. Let me tell you why.

I used LinkedIn, StackOverflow and many other portals, but it got pretty tedious fast. Especially because I had to provide all the time the same information to tens of recruiters having job offers. Especially irritating was to tell what is my money expectation. What money do I expect in dollars, euro, per hour, per week, per month, per year, on B2B contract, or regular job. I had to calculate it every time on and on again. Because every job offer recruiter had, had another way of presenting it. And it was up to me to recalculate it.

But it is not only about money expectation. There are so much other information no job portal allows you to provide. So you end up sending and telling it again, again and again.

For example:

  • do I want to work remotely only?
  • in what hours I want to work?
  • what is the stack I want to work in
  • what role I am interested in?
  • what responsibilities I want to take?
  • are there any industries I don't want to work for?
  • what is my minimal length of contract?
  • what language I want to communicate?

And it is not only tiresome for me to send or tell all this info every time I talked with a recruiter. For recruiters, it is also bad, because they have less time to join dots and find right people to right jobs. Connect more dots.

Both me and recruiters would save a lot of time having all of this info in one place. So over a period of time I have created a document that includes my resume and all of these info back then and sent the link to every recruiter.

What information would you include in such document? Write in the comments!

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