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Dev links #1: 30 articles and products that may interest you

tomaszs2 profile image Tomasz Smykowski ・3 min read

Here is a list of 30 articles, services, projects and products that I have found interesting during last two weeks. These revolve around programming, technology and other stuff

  1. Polish ezine for young programmers has a giveaway
  2. A famous polish phpBB modder develops a shopping platform
  3. Marko Denic created a Markdown Preview Tool
  4. A proposal for a new history API
  5. Ianhan shared his demo fonts
  6. A new browser promises to enable users to make it easier to create knowledge from online browsing
  7. GameStop is using it's time by focusing on digital
  8. A simple explanation what happened to GameStop stock price
  9. Robinhood is pushing for real time settlement
  10. Decentralized internet based on torrent protocol
  11. How we have discovered the number zero
  12. A web based collaborative IDE for programmers
  13. Stadia won't serve new in-house developed games afaik
  14. A developer shares his progress during three years as a solo dev
  15. Games can help remote teams
  16. Chicago Museum publishes an API
  17. Iran blogger shares his thoughts about what happens to the internet
  18. Rack made of IKEA table
  19. Uniwidth typefaces
  20. The problem with one of American vaccines appointment systems
  21. Streaming video over WebRTC
  22. A secure chat app Element
  23. What is new in PHP 8.1
  24. How to price SaaS
  25. Do hobbyists create better board games?
  26. A tool to trick people into thinking you are using the latest fancy framework
  27. Is it necessary to write JavaDoc for every param?
  28. New way to create websites with Hotwire
  29. Developers spend most of the time reading the system
  30. Open source Wifi password sharing Apple style

If you the list, share, like, follow etc. These are signals for me that it may be worth to take the effort to create another post with such links.

Also, you can check out Summon The JSON, it is my project of printed card games that help to learn programming:

And Assistant for Vscode. It is an extension that enables you to easily add "inline" notes to your code shown based on rules.

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