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Designing Project Scope

2016, I made my first website. It looked like a house and the roof was responsive. I was happy! I used the sliding door technique along with some math to avoid structure overflow. I became an architect overnight.


Later on, I watched how Adi Purdilla created a WordPress theme from scratch, every step of the way. An experience that improved me a lot. It was amazing having a guide all through the process.

Today, I want to start a series of redesigning my site from a blank canvas. No meta tags, No elements. We will justify everything we use. It should be available to everyone, SEO ready, and look good. Without forgetting Creator's experience.


I will be wearing different hats along the line. Copywriter, Designer ( UI, UX, IxD, Graphic, Frontend), SEO specialist, and more as needed. If deploying a JAMStack is a DevOps' job, add it please.

The Project

I'd like to see this as a Startup website. My focus right now is on Content. Both long- and short-form content.

Later on, I will love to productize my Freelancing Service and end up with a SAAS tool. Rough ideas.

This is more of a live design. Ideas may come up and I'll need to branch out. Irrespective, I'm taking a lean approach.

The deliverables as of now will be the following.

  • A Landing Page
  • A blog
  • A portfolio

Other necessities like the Contact, and About Page will be a section on the Landing Page.

It's good you know I'm a design freak. And, an advocate of inclusive designs. This means I'll be delving into minute details including Typography, Color, Accessibility, etc.

I have my weakness(es). Copywriting is top of the list. But hey, the web is large enough to learn and create amazing stuff!


This is a priority for me right now. I'll be spending the next couple of days working on this, and writing about the process every step of the way.

I spent the last few weeks on the landing page's copywriting. It was an interesting process iterating and discarding what I wrote. Now, I have something that clicked with me. I'll be sharing how I wrote that next tomorrow.

I trust you'll learn a thing or two. And hope you'll learn a lot. I look forward to your feedback.

Working canvas:

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