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Types Of Charts & Graphs for Tableau To Make Your Data Visually more Interactive

Graphs and charts are the most expressive ways when it comes to showing enormous amounts of raw data in a simple manner. Tableau is known to be one of the most popular and trending data visualizations software among developers. It creates fast visualizations of data in the form of worksheets and dashboards. Having a Tableau Certification helps you to know more about Data Visualization.

  • Bubble Chart
    In the bubble chart, the data is displayed with the help of circles. This type of chart helps in depicting the relationship between three or more measures. Bubble charts can visualize large volumes of data at once by varying the colour and size of the circles.

  • Box Plots
    Box and Whisker Plots or simply Box Plots are used to display the distribution of data for values such as median, outliers, first quartile, third quartile, among others. Box Plot is mainly useful for comparing the variations in the data.

  • Gantt Charts
    Gantt Charts was invented in 1910 by Henry Gantt, and it displays a series of horizontal lines that track completed work overtime. This type of chart is useful in displaying the average delivery time for a range of products.

  • Heat Maps
    Heat Maps or Density maps can be used to identify locations without greater or fewer numbers of data points as well as reveal the patterns or relative concentrations that might otherwise be hidden due to an overlapping mark on a map. In Tableau, a heatmap can be created by grouping overlaying marks and colour-coding them based on the number of marks in the group.

  • Pareto Charts
    A Pareto chart is a kind of chart in Tableau that contains bars as well as line graphs. In this chart, individual values are represented in descending order by bars, while the ascending cumulative total is represented by the line.

  • Scatter Plots
    In Tableau, a scatter plot can be constituted by putting at least one measure on the Columns shelf as well as one measure on the Rows shelf. Scatter Plots can be used to visualize relationships between numerical variables.

  • TreeMaps
    Treemaps are simple data visualization graphs that have the ability to provide insight in a visually attractive format. This type of graph can be used to display data in nested rectangles.

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