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Discussion on: If you could write a programming language how would it be?

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Tobias Salzmann

To me, it seems that what you really want is boilerplate free constructors. Even on the JVM, there are already some languages that do this quite well, Kotlin and Scala.

class Composed @injected() (
  private val a: DepA,
  private val b: DepB,
) {

You could make the injected annotation a keyword in your language. That way, you would still clearly communicate what a dependency is, and keep the class usable without dependency injection (in tests, for example)

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Bob van Hoove

Boilerplate free it is :) Thanks for the example.

For professional purposes I'm going to stay with .Net for a while. I'm lucky to have enough interesting projects where the challenge is not so much tied to the language.

For trying something new Kotlin is indeed a great contender. I've watched KotlinConf 2017 - Introduction to Coroutines by Roman Elizarov just to get an idea and I was pretty impressed.