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Tobias Haindl
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Reflecting on 2020

As the new year slowly peeks around the corner the perfect time for reflecting on 2020 has arrived. I'm pretty sure that this year was challenging and troublesome for many people around the globe. All we can do at such times is to focus on the good parts and celebrate all the tiny achievements throughout the year. Whether it is a newly picked up programming language, finally trying to bake your own bread, or having awesome zoom calls with friends.

If you look at this year through the "positivity" glasses how would you summarize it? What did you learn? What did you enjoy?

For me personally, it was my first year working full time as a developer and I enjoyed it a lot.
I had the opportunity to learn and use Java libraries like jOOQ and Vavr. (if you use Java and haven't tried them, give them a shot! ).
Furthermore, I wrote my first Python tool (Tagger) and summarized my experience here.
Aside from all the pandemic-related issues this year was pretty exciting for me and I'm curious to read about your accomplishments in the comments!

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