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Discussion on: Why you should not use (long-lived) feature branches

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Matt Del Signore

Yeah when I think of feature branches I think of something that's around for a week or two at most. Committing stuff to trunk is hard because you can't make small, incremental commits that might be a bit sloppy. Having a feature branch can make saving your state less stressful because you don't have to worry about others seeing your commit that says "oops I broke this now it's good".

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Rob Porter

Yep, also confused here somewhat, always thought of "feature branches" as being around for anywhere from minutes to days at worst. GitHub has no mechanism for code-reviewing individual commits, so I don't know how you'd do reviews on the main branch anyways.

(For longer-term branches, I had thought the term was "project branch", which is a collection of feature branches.)

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Jean-Paul Delimat Author

Thanks for the comments!

I have updated the title and added this to the introduction: "For the sake of clarity: this article assumes a feature branch will carry the whole feature you are developing and is a so called 'long-lived' feature branch that will last 1 week or more. It's not a "no branches at all" mantra."