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Update Hugo with its theme

I used to use hugo-cactus-theme (Cactus Theme) as the Hugo theme for since its inception in 2017.
At that time I could not take time to choose the theme carefully and neither have I until this week.

I found the theme I chose was deprecated and have used Hugo 0.62.2 to build the site.

Pathway to healthy build system

As some breaking changes happened in Hugo 0.93, I was not able to directly update it to the latest and I needed to update the system to the latest (Hugo 0.101.0) in this way 😭

Choose your theme for website very carefully and create your own if you can 🍀

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T "@tnir" N Author


graph TD
  A(Hugo 0.62.2 w/Cactus) --->|fa:fa-check Hugo update| B(Hugo 0.92.2 w/ Cactus)
  A -->|fa:fa-times Hugo update| C(Hugo 0.101.0 w/ Cactus)
  B -.->|fa:fa-times Hugo update| C
  A -->|fa:fa-times theme change| D(Hugo 0.62.2 w/ mini)
  B --->|fa:fa-check theme change| E(Hugo 0.92.2 w/ mini)
  E --->|fa:fa-check Hugo update| F(Hugo 0.101.0 w/ mini)
  C -.->|fa:fa-times theme change| F
  D -.->|fa:fa-times Hugo update| F
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