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GitLab architecture 2022

docs: revamp simplified architecture diagram

@tnir (or @tnir on improved GitLab simple architecture diagram in March 2022.

That has been incorrect since 2018 (for more than 4 years)

As I described in the MR, it has been incorrect since January 2018. For 50 months.

As gitlab-shell!181 (merged) removed connection between GitLab Shell and Redis since 2018, !80083 (merged) (by @sunjungp) should be updated as so.

Why is the simplified architecture important?

This is the full architecture diagram (as of April XX, 2022). This is too complicated for developers (or external contributors so-called as GitLab wider community contributors).

full GitLab architecture

Why is the image file name important? (Image search of "gitlab architecture") will not be updated soon as updated on Git as you can see:

GitLab architecture on Google search

Thanks @sunjungp (Sunjung Park for clarifying the problem and resolving it sooner.


After its IPO of GitLab (company), GitLab (team) will still need more numbers of wider community contributions in code. To get code contributions from the wider community, GitLab team (and GitLab core) needs to pay attentions to make new and old developers understand its architecture, which has become heavily complicated for 10 years.

See That has been dead after the GitLab team killed 4 years ago (in 2018).


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T "@tnir" N

Now the latest (up-to-date) architecture diagram is on top on Google Search 🎉