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Ted Ngeene
Ted Ngeene

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Getting out of my comfort zone

I recently deployed my site to the web. It's always been a dream of mine to have my own little corner of the web, where I could put myself out there, beyond the confines of home and the world. To be a creator rather than just a consumer. However, when a goal seems too far away and we can't envision a clear path to reach it, we always reach for the same drawer:

I seemed to be having a lot of those, real or imagined (mostly imagined) so I put off the project for the better part of the year. Perhaps the fear of the internet and the response I would get played a big role in my procrastination.
All that aside I've decided to launch this site with the intention of:
putting myself out there
to actively create content about what I enjoy doing, programming and talk about we can use it as a tool to serve us and not replace human relationships
I'm no expert, by any means but I do hope to inspire, most, if not all of the people that will engage with my content.
If you happen to come across any of my articles, I'll appreciate the feedback, both positive and critical.


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Jan Schröder

Godspeed to you too.

I too am struggling with the comfort zone and putting out a site as my own little corner. You are not alone with that struggle. All the best to you and all the persistence you need to keep adding to your blog. Looking forward to read your posts. 😎👍

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Ted Ngeene

thank you... All the best to you as well...send me a link once you make it live