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1773. Count Items Matching a Rule.


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Here our problem says, there are one 2D list of items and one ruleKey and ruleValue. We have to traverse all the element and first match with the ruleKey value. If ruleKey is "type" then we will check the ruleValue with the first elements of the list.


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  1. Take counter variable
  2. Run a for each loop
  3. Check if ruleKey value == type, and ruleValue == item(0)
  4. Or ruleKey == color, and ruleValue == item(1)
  5. or ruleKey == name, and ruleValue == item(2)
  6. Now if any of these are true then increase the count.
  7. return the count.


import java.util.List;

class Solution {
    public int countMatches(List<List<String>> items, String ruleKey, String ruleValue) {
        int count = 0;
            for(List<String> item : items) {
        if  (("type".equals(ruleKey) && ruleValue.equals(item.get(0)))
        ||  ("color".equals(ruleKey) && ruleValue.equals(item.get(1)))
        ||  ("name".equals(ruleKey) && ruleValue.equals(item.get(2)))){
        return count;
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