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Task Management With Perfection: These 4 Apps Will Make You More Productive

Employees’ digital capabilities become more important due to the global shift to remote work, and managing tasks while planning online presence by minute can feel more challenging.

Meanwhile, task management ensure:

  • availability to your to-do lists across any device

  • improved collaboration on tasks with instant sharing

  • contribution to unbroken workflow in project management

  • actualizing of goals and priorities

  • assistance in building task interdependence.

To rise to a challenge, we recommend you kickstart your smart task navigation with the following apps.


Todoist provides multi-language support, assists in smooth and unobtrusive task management, levels up your planning with amazing integrations, and keeps record of all the tasks you completed.

Its functionality includes:

  • templates for coping with a batch of tasks in a click

  • file management for instant sharing

  • filters for task lists

  • task-based invoice management

  • diverse system of notifications and local reminders

  • assignment management

  • integrations with Google Drive, JIRA, TMetric

  • syncing with Google Calendar

Pricing: It is available on a free plan for 5-member teams, and the monthly cost of Premium plan is $4 for teams of up to 25 members.

Gtaskbox-Task & To Do list manager tracker app

If you need to assign tasks across contacts, team members, events on-the-go, search no further and give Gtaskbox-Task & To Do app a try.

Its functionality includes:

  • alarm reminders

  • tags for categorizing tasks based on projects or events

  • conveying priority and urgency by using fire icon

  • events chat bubble

  • additional notifications via SMS for powered tasks.

It is a must task manager app with tracking capabilities that enables you to manage a team whether you work on or off premises.

It suits both your personal and professional needs at best and helps you complete activities without effort.

Aside from assigning tasks to your listed members, you can extend assignment functionality across your mobile contacts. It is completely encrypted and protected for ensuring safety so that you could feel efficient and organized.

Pricing: The cost is $7 monthly after a 3-day free trial.


Wrike enjoys the leading positions on the market of task managers due to its capability of elevating user experience to a new level.

Its functionality includes:

  • task deadline management

  • document management

  • email integration

  • generation of productivity reports

  • data synchronization

  • instant tapping in multiple projects.

Pricing: For a 5-member team, it will be available for free. Business plan unlocking premium options starts with $24.80 for a user per month if billed annually.


Accomplish is a comprehensive task manager that delivers amazing user experience returning you to classic ways of planning your schedule and associated tasks with a built-in day planner.

As the app creators put it: ‘We believe that planning our times is the key to getting more things done. We also believe that time management and scheduling applications shouldn't waste your time. They should be quick and simple so that you can spend your time actually completing tasks’.

Accomplish incorporates two major functional parts:

  • Accomplish To Do List Panel

  • Accomplish Calendar Day

There are two available ways of task management:

  • By dragging and dropping tasks from your To Do List into the Day-View calendar.

  • By creating tasks directly in the Day-View calendar.

Pricing: Available for free.

Concluding Thought
The COVID-19 pandemic has upended norms about planning and communicating for work purposes and enforced new rules beyond 9 to 5 office culture. It leads to creation of a massive challenge but with building proper strategies and choosing relevant tools including tools for task management, it can accelerate growth. By adding one of the apps suggested above, you can elevate your experience and increase personal and business productivity with a guarantee.

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