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Do you use security key?

You know FIDO? and know U2F?
You use those?

About how much do people use the security hardware keys in the world?
I couldn't see someone use those device in my familiar. 🤔
Is it because of Japan?

Do you think that FIDO devices are popular?
I want know how much do people use FIDO device in world.

Security Key


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terceranexus6 profile image

Hello Yoko.

I never used FIDO keys before, but I started looking for it on the internet when I read this and I find it very interesting. I knew about U2F, but not about the keys.

I can't speak about popularity, tho!

tmd45 profile image
Yoko TAMADA • Edited

Thanks comment, Paula!
I read your post (•ө•)♡

I knew about U2F, but not about the keys.

Oh, I see! It's surprise to me.
I learned about U2F knowing the security key. 😆

galdin profile image
Galdin Raphael

Heard of it, but never used it. Don't plan on using it in the near future either.
The inconvenience keeps me (and probably others) off it.

tterb profile image
Brett Stevenson

That and the price... Because while you could buy one, I imagine you'd be in pretty deep shit if you lost it. This is why Yubikey suggests that you buy two (go figure...), which then leaves you looking at close to $100 for what many see as an inconvenience.