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Why Learn Svelte

Svelte is a front-end, open-source JavaScript framework for making interactive webpages. The general concept behind Svelte is similar to pre-existing frameworks like React and Vue in that it enables developers to make web apps. Svelte is a tool for building web applications that is an alternative to currently popular web frameworks like React, Vue, and Angular. Svelte is a web application compiler, not a library.

Svelte is better for beginners or newbies for many reasons. It intertwines with HTML, making a lot of the code you need to write simpler, and its javascript is fast and versatile. All of these are things that could greatly help out a beginner who wants to enter web development.

Svelte is used to build frontend applications like React, Angular, and Vue. There might be a need to connect to a backend server that uses a database such as MongoDB. Web developers with basic HTML, CSS, and JavaScript knowledge can easily grasp Svelte specifics in a short time and start building web applications.

Svelte compiles the components into ideal JavaScript module during build time that you write using CSS, HTML, and JavaScript. That's why it is also called the 'framework without framework'. This makes Svelte fast. Really fast, faster than React. Svelte enables faster rendering by interpreting application code during build time. This means that CSS, HTML, and JavaScript are compiled into tiny bundles that can be loaded and executed by the browser.

Svelte is a JavaScript framework for building full-stack web apps. Instead of components being declared in .js files, Svelte runs mostly on a custom variation of HTML, the .svelte file! This file is an HTML file with the ability to use props and state, input JS into your code with curly braces, and more.

Svelte provides developers with one of the highest satisfaction rates among developers. Svelte is the first choice for developers when it comes to naming frameworks they'd like to learn in the future. Svelte is extraordinarily approachable compared to the likes of Vue, React, and especially Angular. This makes it far easier for supporting developers to pick up the project in the future compared to other overly complex applications.

Happy coding!

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Robin Duda (they/them)

Why learn svelte rather than using plain standards-based web components? Standards are easier to learn, maintain and are even faster. And as long as you build platform experience there is no need to be fearful of future frameworks invalidating time invested.

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