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Packing for a Leadership Conference

The conference always comes around the corner when you least expect it! I feel like just a couple months ago I was counting down the days and now it's only in a few days. Wow, does time fly by fast!

When I was figuring out what to pack, I was realizing how grateful I was that this isn't going to be my first time flying by myself nor the first hectic leadership conference I'm going to be attending afar. But everyone has to go through their first and maybe this post will help someone somewhere out there.

I'm going to be leaving the house at 2am for my 5am flight. This means I have my clothes out and ready on top of my carry on. Since the airline I chose going to my destination allows me to ship my suitcase but the one back doesn't, this just means I will have a carry-on sized bag for the flight back.

I'm only going to be gone for three days and two nights. I'll need:

  • two changes of business professional clothes
  • one set of sleepwear
  • undergarments
  • toiletries
    • makeup
    • personal care
    • medicines (pain relievers, stomach antacids, allergy meds, bandaids, etc.)
    • hair care
    • brush / comb
    • makeup remover towel
  • comfortable walking shoes
  • professional jacket / coat
  • jewelry
  • briefcase / purse
  • hand sanitizer
  • notebook and pens
  • phone charger and USB cords
  • wallet (cash, credit cards, driver's license, etc.)
  • suitcase tags

Disclaimer: This post includes affiliate links; I may receive compensation if you purchase products or services from the different links provided in this article.

Things I like to bring:

As I'm packing all my essentials, I always stick with my favorite color schemes: white and red, then black and red. It goes white slacks, red button up, and white blazer with red heels. BOOM! Then black slacks, red blouse, and black blazer with either red or black heels. It's a classic go to. Always looks good.

With this upcoming trip, I got new red stilettos but I also know with the walking we'll be doing it's safe to pack a regular shorter black heel as back up just in case. Always be prepared to be uncomfortable, especially in new heels!

And with that being said, I've got my suitcase tags on my bags, my purse packed and ready, and all my clothes ready to go for when I'm up in the middle of the night to catch my flight. I'm super excited to go!

How does everyone else prepare for a conference? How early do you start packing? I'd love to know what essentials you love to bring? Maybe I can keep some in mind for my next trip!

Happy traveling!

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metaverse profile image
Meta Verse

Cigarettes and tiny liquor bottles Good luck btw

vulcanwm profile image

Good luck with your conference!

atulcodex profile image
Atul Prajapati

Good wishes 🤗

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