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#GitHubHack23: Coded Clique

What I built

I built a GitHub action called "Coded Clique" that allows maintainers to (kinda) hide their issue and comment content from casual visitors who happen to poke around in their repositories.

Category Submission:

This app is submitted under "Wacky Wildcards".

App Link

As this is a GitHub action, it can be accessed directly from the GitHub Marketplace:



Try it out by commenting 🤡


To reduce the visibility of their discussions from random strangers on GitHub, maintainers can use Coded Clique, a GitHub action. The action allows maintainers to hide issue and comment content with ease, making it harder for unintended individuals to access their discussions. Whenever a new issue or comment is created or edited, Coded Clique can be configured to run automatically.

Coded Clique works by using the HTML element, which creates a disclosure widget that only shows information when toggled into an "open" state. The original content is only visible when the disclosure widget is open, and the action adds an encoded version of the content or a random question to create the appearance of a discussion.

Link to Source Code

The source code for Coded Clique can be found on GitHub:

Permissive License



Coded Clique was developed as a fun project to address the issue of random individuals peeking at discussions in GitHub issues. By making it slightly harder for unintended individuals to access discussions while still allowing the maintainers & active developers to view the content easily, Coded Clique helps maintainers form a "committed community" in which they can communicate freely.

In a more practical context, the action can be extended to transform content into a more digestible "TLDR" via OpenAI's API while still keeping the original content accessible.

How I built it

To build Coded Clique, I utilized GitHub Actions and the GitHub API to automatically read and edit issues and comments.

Additional Resources/Info

Users can find more information and detailed instructions on how to use Coded Clique in the README file on the GitHub repository.

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