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Tomasz Łakomy
Tomasz Łakomy

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I am Tomasz Łakomy, Senior Frontend Engineer @ OLX Group, tech speaker, and instructor, Ask Me Anything!

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Bee Bee Wijaya

Hello thomas, what do you think front-end developer should do to deep understanding about Javascript or about the Front end development.

Can you share your experience on mastering JS, Browser behaviour, Accessibility and Anything else. And told us what should we do for it, i mean the article to learn or what the books or course should we bought.

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Kevin Silvestre

Hi, thank you for offering to answer questions to less experienced developers like me. I went to school for design but as soon as I graduated I decided to switch careers to tech and right now I am undergoing an intensive web development bootcamp online. You know one of those with the "get a job or pay no tuition tag". Anyways, I been at it since April last year. I feel like I could be hired , I know HTML, CSS, JAVASCRIPT, LESS, REACT, REDUX, NODE.JS and Express, Sql but the curriculum has computer science stuff , C , python and other sections I haven't gotten to. I am excited for when I start looking for a job but I don't know what kind of projects to build for my portfolio and also would like a job where maybe my designs skills are at least useful maybe UI developer I was thinking ? but for my first job I don't wanna be picky. I work in Customer Service serving coffee and it frustrates me that I have an education and still can't get a good job. Any tips to get started as a Junior Front End developer? If you were to hired one? What kind of expectations would you have for me skills wise?

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Carolyn Stransky

Do you have any weird pre-talk rituals? 👀