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Quick tip: finetune your Android Studio and IntelliJ Welcome screen

No matter which platform, programming environment, or tool you look at, all have become so incredibly powerful and feature-packed that it seems impossible to know all about them. Android Studio is no exception. Did you know that you can tweak the looks of its Welcome screen?

Here's how we see it most often:

Android Studio Welcome screen

Let's get this a little more organized and good-looking.

Performing a click with the secondary mouse button opens a contextual menu:

Menu appearing after a click with the secondary mouse button on a project

New Project Group summons a small dialog to enter the name of a new project group.

The Create New Project Group dialog

Once you have created at least one project group you can move projects to a project group through the contextual menu:

Moving a project to a newly created project group

Doesn't this look much cleaner?

A cleaned up Welcome screen

But there's more. Did you spot the Change Project Icon menu item? Here's what happens:

The Change Project Icon dialog

Clicking on Choose SVG file opens a file selector which you should use to select the desired project icon in the Scalable Vector Graphics format.

Now, doesn't that look both cool and clean?

An organized Welcome screen

As Android Studio is basically an IntelliJ IDEA spin-off, this tip works for IntelliJ, too.

Yet, the JetBrains Toolbox displays and organizes projects differently, so at least for now my tip won't work here immediately.

JetBrains Toolbox Projects view

If, however, you add project icons with the IDE the way I showed you above, the toolbox will pick them up after the next launch.

I hope you liked this quick tip. Do you know one, too? Please do share it in the comments.

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