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Minima, Mastodon, and rel="me"

In this short article I noted down what I needed to do in order to get the rel="me" attribute on my Minima themed Jekyll homepage.

Since quite a few years you can add the usernames of your social media accounts to your _config.yml file. This is also true for Mastodon. However, current Minima releases seem to not include the rel="me" attribute - which would be desiderable because then your website gets the green checkmark.

A verified homepage on Mastodon

So, let's investigate. The current Minima 2.x release is 2.5.1 from August 2019.

Screenshot if the Minima project on GitHub

Now let's check the history of social.html file (this file includes the social media links).

Screenshot of a part of social.html

So, the corresponding code is already on GitHub. Here's how to use it.

  1. Download the latest version of social.html. You'll find it here

  2. In your Yekyll project, create an _includes folder and put social.html there. Please note that I also have a local version of footer.html because I wanted to apply changes there, too. But you don't need it for the rel="me" attribute.

    Screenshot showing the _includes folder

  3. Make sure to update your _config.yml file

    title: "Thomas K\u00fcnneth"
    description: >- # this means to ignore newlines until "baseurl:"
      Developer. Speaker. Listener. Loves writing. 
      Confessing mobile computing addict
    baseurl: "" # the subpath of your site, e.g. /blog
    url: ""
      name: "Thomas K\u00fcnneth"
        twitter: tkuenneth
        github: tkuenneth
          - username: tkuenneth

That's it.

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pplupo profile image
Peter P. Lupo

This is nice. I've done similar changes on my instance. However, there's one problem regarding Mastodon that I could not fix yet.
When I post a link to my website, Mastodon doesn't display the preview image. I have set up open graph, json LD, and Twitter card. It works properly on Google chat, slack, Twitter, Facebook... Only Mastodon doesn't fetch the image. Could you make it work with your theme?

tkuenneth profile image
Thomas Künneth

Thanks for reading my post. To be honest, I haven't though about this, so I just gave it a try. Looks like this:

A screenshot

However, I didn't set anything up with regard to Jekyll. As I was curious, I looked around a bit and found something on Reddit:

Sorry for not being more helpful.

Cheers, Thomas