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State Management with ngrx/store and effects

Getting started with ngrx store, effects, actions, reducers etc and are confused what to do when there are multiple reducers and what needs to be done?
I made a simple application to demonstrate the usage of ngrx/store with multiple reducers and also effects.
Github link here:
Follow the steps to run the app.
It contains two tabs- one with and another without state management, To demonstrate what we lose out on when there's no state mgmt.
Click on the Increment/Decrement counter or enter name in the input box and navigate to another tab. Navigate back to see the saved state being displayed.
play around to see the state management in use.
use the string "products" in the input box and submit to see the effects is usage.
Look at the image uploaded where the the state is displayed.
Hope you all benefit from this application.

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