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Crack Javascript Interviews

Hi Everyone,

Welcome to my YouTube Channel,

Here i will be covering all different ways to prepare for javascript interviews.

Hi, everyone. Welcome back. And in this playlist, I'm going to talk about JavaScript interview questions. So JavaScript interview questions can be divided into three different sections. Let's say you are preparing for the fresher interview questions or the advanced senior developer interview questions or maybe like tech lead or manager level of questions.

So, I mean, these are different categories. Let's say you are fresher than how can you get an entry-level job in the market

Your learning will be different, your skill set will be different. Let's say you are a senior developer or you're looking for a senior developer position then what all different tool sets skill set you are you required to crack a JavaScript interview that all those things we are going to talk about so I'm going to provide you with different tips and tricks different methods to prepare for the job. You can use hacker rank top coder, code chef, or any other these kinds of online tools to get hands-on programming. My target is not to prepare you for the data structure and algorithm because that's not what I am targeting

here I will be preparing you for the interview questions which are targeted on the day to day jobs like, how to write components in react, how to get hands-on on the core JavaScript skills, or maybe some coding interview questions where there will be small problem statements obviously not like reverse linked list or reverse a tree or something like that. A simplified problem statement which is which can be discussed or can be done by just using basic programming concepts. We will be using hacker rank, which provides a lot of full-stack code tests and certifications. so if you are already aware of all those concepts you can you can just try and test you skills

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