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tjtelan profile image T.J. Telan Originally published at on ・2 min read

I published my first public crate. I thought my library was useful, general, and did not have a similar implementation in I hoped that it may get used by the Rust community. It turned out to be very easy to package and upload my code, and I wanted to share my process.

Complete Cargo.toml with package metadata

I tried to define the metadata completely. Other than writing the code, this took the longest time. I wanted to make sure the crate listed in an appropriate category. As well as using relevant keywords.

(My very first version did not have a README or fancy build badges, but I did have docstrings for

Generate API Key and log in from cargo only supports logging in using Github accounts.

Navigate to Account Settings and scroll down to the API Access section. Click new token and give your token a name.

After giving your token a name, there is going to be a cargo login command with a random token value. Run this command to log in.

Run cargo publish

My crate was at the top of the new crates column of

Like I mentioned earlier, I had doc strings in my code that I expected to publish to This can take a few minutes. Wait a few minutes. It’ll make it there.

I later followed up with writing a complete, and added badges. That’s all it took to make my little library look fancy.

If you were on the fence about publishing to, I hope you are now convinced that it was not.

Before you go, some info about my crate:


I wrote it because common ssh-based git repo urls don’t fit a standard like:

As such, parsing is not supported by many languages’ standard library, including Rust.

Anyway, I hope you'll check it out! Thanks!


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