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My Story Of Hactoberfest

Sudhanshu tiwari
FROM INDIA, Presently in high school Have cs as option but love to code in python
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Before the month of October I don't knew how to use a git and make a pr even !
But then I meet Nikhil Anand who helped me For my first pr and he mentored me thanks Nikhil Anand bhaiya !

Thanks to the Crio.Do ,Code for Cause for introducing me to Hactoberfest !

Really guys the feeling is inexpressible it can't be explained in words !
This is my first Hactoberfest and hope to participate in future too !

In last I wanted to say thanks to Ekta Mishra Som webster Nikhil Anand and Amogh Desai for giving me directions !

Thanks DigitalOcean Intel Corporation DEV Community for the fantastic fabulous opportunity for learning and contributing to open source !

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