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Week 1 as a Software Engineering Intern

This is going to be a lengthy journey filled with tales, so I implore you to stay with me and follow along.

Back in December 2022, I was in the process of job hunting when I stumbled upon an internship opportunity at Bitnine Global Inc.. Despite facing location challenges throughout my job search, I persevered and applied for the position, thanks to having the requisite skills.

After a while, I received an email notifying me of a coding test for the position I applied for and I was quite anxious on what to expect and how to revise for this test. However, I refused to let fear consume me and completed the test, quite challenging but I loved it.

Some weeks later, I received another email congratulating me on my successful completion of the coding test and inviting me to the next stage, which was an interview. I was understandably nervous, but I reached out to some already serving interns for advice, which proved to be invaluable and ultimately helped me secure the position.

Upon starting the internship, I received a link to the onboarding process, which was impressive. My Operations Manager has been incredibly supportive, and I truly appreciate that about him. However, when I was assigned to the AGE project, I knew it would be a an awesome experience and I was up for it and ready to embrace the opportunity.

After the meeting, I spent a significant amount of time installing the required dependencies and software, conducting research, watching videos, and reading. The information was overwhelming, but I enjoyed being very active.

When I successfully completed the installation, I tried some
examples out and I was amazed by the beauty of Apache AGE and AGE VIEWER. The software provided an incredible way to study, query, relate with, and visualize data. I'm still poring over the documentation, taking my time to fully understand everything about the project because I believe it will revolutionize how data is utilized. I'm excited to see how it will be implemented in the AI and Robotics space.

That's all for week one though, I'll be posting regularly about this experience and tips on how to utilize Apache AGE. Don't forget to follow me.

For more information about the project, visit:
Apache AGE

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