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Host maven artifact in Github Repository

We often have some jar files or artifacts that needs to be imported via maven command.

Sometimes few artifacts are not available in maven repository and we need to install them manually to our maven .m2 folder. This is tedious job and every developer working on your project has to do the same.

So hosting your own maven repository comes useful and is available to every developer working on your project.

Hence I have created a bash tool to do the same.


  • Create a empty GitHub repo.
  • Download the script "" from here
  • Open a terminal and use command chmod +x to make it executable and then run the script by simple typing ./ Enter the details as prompted.
  • Once you do these steps, you will get a maven hosted repository URL which you need to use in your maven projects to download these artifacts.

Let me know if you found this useful ! Also feel free to add more stuffs and raise a PR.

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