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What to review in a code review

tirthaguha profile image Tirtha Guha Updated on ・1 min read

In a code review, I look for the following

  • To Prevent Language Specific Issues
  • To Prevent Framework Specific Issues
  • To Ensure code quality is maintained
  • To ensure unit tests validate the right scenarios

I don't think you're required to know the whole codebase when you're reviewing code.

Please share your thoughts in comments.



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I would rather have my code reviewed by someone who has experienced a longer time with the codebase, because sometimes the logic I write to solve a particular problem was already solved in some refractored helper that is not obvious to you, or the same logic is written somewhere else, and these could be refractored in a suitable helper.

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Tirtha Guha Author

Agree, that knowledge about such utilities help, but that should not be a must have quality of the reviewer. Unless, of course, your codebase has legacy code or too much custom non-standard implementation.