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Amplenote as an all-in-one productivity app

Previously I've use a combination of Microsoft's One Note/Obsidian Note as note taking apps and Todoist as a task planner app to get things done, but because of how clunky it is and the set up time required to integrate these apps to work with one another, I was kind of overwhelmed when all I wanted was just to have a note taker/task planner in a calendar for me to work without thinking of what to do

Amplenote is basically all of these apps I wanted to work together with put into one
currently I'm in the process of learning how to use it, already I'm making task in the notes willy nilly, even in mobile(which I feel like Obsidian note is kind of lacking in because of how it doesn't have widgets showing my notes/to create notes[I have researched how to make it so I can make a widget for obsidian to create notes, but it's too technical for me to follow it so I kind of just dropped it])

Best of all it comes wth its own calendar, and it allows me to drag-and-drop my tasks into the calendar, no fuss no nothing

Their system of note taking and task managing is pretty cool too

Jot up an idea->put it in a note->write a task for that note->put task in calendar

it's just so streamlined right off the bat that it just feels...amazing to use.

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