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Discussion on: Seven reasons to learn Vue.js in 2019

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Andy Fuchs • Edited on

Number 1 was one of the inital reasons for me to start with Vue.js (a while ago already). At that time I wasn't really prepared for WebPack, etc..., because my (long-established) workflow was completely different.

I was also flashed by the reactivity and the ability to throw JSON-structures at Vue, so it turned out (very fast) to get my favorite framework, because of it's simplicity and elegancy.

I remember the days where I was writing simple things in Angular - but most often it felt as using Angular for simple things is just an overkill (both in terms of workflow and speed).

Vue.js came to the rescue and allowed me to incrementally learn and apply the new stuff immediately, without the need to dig into documentation for every simple problem.

So I absolutely agree: Take Vue.js for a spin - it's easy and fun. (...and fast as well - if that matters)