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Summary of How to Idiot

tiptopgs profile image Jen Chang Originally published at Medium on ・1 min read

I will be attending #RWDevCon this year and I was reminded of an inspirational talk from last year, “I’m an Idiot” by Rich Turton. If you missed his talk, you can check it out here. Idiots like him are folks that I enjoy working with. Below are my takeaways from his talk. My notes serve as a good reminder that a great goal in the Tech field is the pursuit of being an idiot and being OK with it. Like Rich Turton said, it is a great feeling to leave this world a better place for future idiots who will come across your code (including your future self).

Jenny Chang Ho’s Summary of How to Idiot by Rich Turton

In summary and in my own words, never ever leave a piece of code without fully understanding it. Take the time to rewrite it so that not only you but also the next idiot can understand it. The preference is clarity over brevity. And why do we do this? We do this to offer kindness to other idiots and most importantly to our idiot self.

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