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TinyMCE 7.1 Release Notes - Overview

The latest version of TinyMCE was released on May 8, 2024. This release introduces the new Math Equations feature and expands our AI connectors to include AWS Bedrock, Azure AI, and Google Gemini. TinyMCE 7.1 also addresses 18 bug fixes and enhancements.

Excited to try out these new features? Start your free 14-day trial of our premium features today!

What's New and Improved?

- Math Equations

Say goodbye to the hassle of copy-pasting flat images of formulas. With TinyMCE 7.1, you can now directly input formulas using the industry-standard LaTeX notation, making it easier to create professionally formatted technical content right within your editor.

- More connectors on the AI Assistant

Introducing new AI connectors for Microsoft Azure AI, AWS Bedrock, and Google Gemini. These additions complement our existing ChatGPT integration, providing you with more flexibility to use your preferred LLM within TinyMCE's AI Assistant feature.

- Bug Fixes and More

We've fixed 18 bugs and made several enhancements in TinyMCE 7.1. Details of these fixes are available in our Changelog.

How to Get Access to TinyMCE 7.1

- New to TinyMCE

Setting up TinyMCE 7.1 is quick and straightforward:


Sign up for your free cloud API key from our Pricing page. This gives you a 14-day free trial to our most popular advanced features. After your trial, you'll continue to have access to our core features for up to 1000 editor loads per month.


Download the SDK here. Enjoy the full control of hosting TinyMCE on your own servers.

- Migrating from TinyMCE 6

Check out our Migration Guide to help you smoothly transition from TinyMCE 6 to TinyMCE 7.1.

- Switching from Another Editor?

Our comprehensive guides will help you migrate from other editors like Quill.js, Slate.js, or TipTap to TinyMCE. Contact our Customer Success Team for personalized assistance.

Want More?

Keep an eye on our Public Product Roadmap for upcoming features and enhancements. Your feedback is crucial; join the discussion on our GitHub page or submit your suggestions through our feedback channels.

Thank you for choosing TinyMCE!

-The Tiny Team

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