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How IT People See System Administrators

Jonathan Hall
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I just ran across this meme on LinkedIn:

How IT People See Each Other

While there’s a lot that could be disected here, the first thing that jumped out at me was the right-hand column:

How IT People See Sysadmins

Apparently everyone hates sys admins.

The sad reality is that this is often true. In fact, it’s the kernel of truth in this joke that lead to the formation of the DevOps movement: the idea that development and operations (including systems administration) should be united in a common goal, not set against each other as adversaries.

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Discussion (1)

henkin profile image
Paul Henkin

Agree with your take - an organization should be united in a common goal.

But I don't think the right column means "Apparently everyone hates sys admins."
Instead, I think they perceive sys admins as telling them to fuck off, and hating them. In the poorly structured teams i've been a part of, the ops team was pitted against everyone else by making their incentives not align with adding features/making changes. The ops team would frequently take the knee-jerk response of "no" to any suggestions or requests.

So yeah. It's a problem. The whole matrix is on-point, though :) Thanks for posting it.

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