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Is it just me or power users have been losing their power?

I don't know if I am just getting older, or the trend in the past 5-7 years is really that bad for the average power user.

1. Laptop -> ThinkPad

ThinkPads used to be more than mere laptops. They were function over form all the way. They looked ugly to the untrained eye, but for me I knew to appreciate what was on the inside (and on the outside). Durability, serviceability, fantastic keyboard and of course the trackpoint. But slowly designers started the quest of trying to "modernize" the ThinkPad and make it more and more generic.
The original keyboard got replaced with a new island-style keyboard. Next on the list were the physical buttons beneath the trackpoint. Why not replace the convenience of physical buttons with touch-based buggy ones (and not do any usability testing)? Fortunately this experiment lasted only one generation. Next - upgrading hardware was too easy, why not make it hard by having the user to unscrew everything and remove the whole bottom case? I have almost forgotten about the ThinkLight - gone.

2. OS -> Windows7

Windows7 used to be an OS. Not OS as a Service as Windows10. I could disable all updates indefinitely if I wanted to. Not with Windows10. I will be forced to be MS beta user for life (if I ever decided to upgrade?)

3. Smartphone -> BB10

BB10 was (still is) the best mobile OS I have ever experienced. No home button. All navigation is gesture-based. Great device search, best unified notification system, best stock apps there are -> file manager, browser, calendar etc, super original device unlock mechanism via Picture Password (youtube it), device encryption, Android runtime and... physical keyboard.
Now if I want to use a physical keyboard, my only option (hence no choice) is the inferior Key-x series running an inferior OS - Android.

4. Browser -> Firefox

Firefox used to be fully and easily customizable. Not anymore.
The first blow for me was when the Panorama feature was removed. Why? Nobody seemed to have been using it. Great. Next, let's kill all of the add-ons that made Firefox what it is. Why? We wanna be as fast as google no matter what!!! Next, let's remove said add-ons from our repository as if they never existed.
Why? We truly want to disown our legacy. Next, and this was it for me, let's hide the "Never update" option. Why? Nobody seems to be using it. Yeah, right.

Wherever you found one, it was mostly intended.

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