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All About Microsoft Learn Student Ambassadors (MLSA)

Tina Popli
Microsoft Learn Student Ambassador
Updated on ・6 min read

What is Microsoft Learn Student Ambassadors Program ?

Microsoft Learn Student Ambassadors Program is a program to bring together all the students from all over the world who have the passion for Technology, have the desire and craze to learn more about technology and help the community.
The Ambassadors get an opportunity to interact with their peers, mentors, Professionals, learn various Microsoft technologies, and implement it in real world.
image Eligibility Criteria:
To apply for the program:

i) You must be at least 16 years old, have valid identification and be actively enrolled in an accredited, higher education academic institution.

ii) Some experience in coding or technology will definitely be helpful, but do not worry if you don't have much of technical background. Students of all academic backgrounds who are interested in growing their career and tech skills, are encouraged to apply for this program, as all the tools and resources are provided to help you learn more and engage in the program.

What are the benefits of being a Microsoft Learn Student Ambassador?

. Access to Microsoft 365, plus TechSmith Snagit and Camtasia
screen capture and recording software
. Visual Studio Enterprise subscription and $150 monthly Azure
. Exam certification vouchers
. LinkedIn Learning
. Free domain name
. Event support
. Engagement with Cloud Advocates and Microsoft MVPs
. Student Ambassador Milestone badges to highlight program accomplishments on your LinkedIn profile

New Student Ambassadors receive access to the Amazing Community on Microsoft Teams and get opportunity to connect with Professionals/Mentors etc. in this community, Access to Microsoft 365, access to Techsmith Snagit and Camtasia screen capture and recording software and many more benefits.

. Apart from this, There are 3 milestones you can achieve to avail the benefits-
i) Alpha - Complete a Microsoft Learn path and Azure credits will be unlocked (Azure credits of 150$ per month) with your Visual Studio Enterprise subscription benefit. LinkedIn Learning subscription. You’ll also receive a certification voucher, and a free domain name and many more.

ii) Beta - You have to host an event in your community to unlock event support and resource benefits. Once you reach Beta, You could also get an invitation to join the annual Microsoft Learn Student Ambassadors Summit, You will be receiving Swags and amazing accessories from Microsoft as well.
(This includes the benefits of Alpha as well)

Alt Text
My Beta MLSA Swag Kit :)

iii) Gold - Once you’ve gone above and beyond in earning your badges and serving your local community, and have been an active participant in the program, you will be invited to the Gold milestone! You'll also be able to gain access to special events, and may also be invited to become a Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP), also Gold MLSA Swag Kit with super amazing goodies! (Including the benefits of Alpha and beta)

More details in the below picture!

Alt Text

This program sponsors all the undergraduate and postgraduate students in terms of technology and all the events they do in this community. Once you are an ambassador, you are introduced to the amazing community and you can start hosting events!

One of the most special thing I love about this program is, we get to learn so much, grow our career and technical skills, and whatever we learn, we share it among our peers by hosting events.

Isn't it amazing? So, what are you waiting for? Apply now!:)

The Application form is open throughout the year, The selections are done on a quarterly basis. The latest selections were in July(2021), so the next cohort is expected to be announced in October (2021).

You can apply for this program through this link:

The main steps to follow while applying for this program are as follows:

STEP 1: Go to
Click on "Apply now" and Login with any of the mentioned options available.

Alt Text

STEP 2: Once you are logged in, read all the privacy and terms, and confirm your eligibility.
Once you confirm, you will be introduced to a Personal Info section, fill all the details carefully.

Alt Text

STEP 3: Once you have filled the personal information, you will be introduced to the academic information section, once you fill that, the most important part of this application comes: Written Sample.

Alt Text

Step 4: The Written Sample is the most important part of this application, where you have to answer the given questions.
This section is divided into three parts, as shown in the picture.

Alt Text
Alt Text

Each field has to be answered with either a video or a written sample. Please note: It is necessary to answer at least one question in the form of a video.

Tips to answer these questions:
1) Make sure your answers are honest and genuine, try to explain why you are passionate about technology, and what made you inspire in your best way, that is very important!
2) Mention all your achievements including the projects you are working on/completed, what are the programming languages you've learnt, competitions/Workshops you have organized/participated/won.
3) Take an example and explain how you would teach that topic to your peers.
4)If you are hosting an event, explain how would you plan on organizing it from the start, how would you promote it to gather as many students possible to attend the event.

These are some of the main points you can keep in your mind while answering the questions, accordingly.

STEP 5: Then comes the social media section, where you can include the links of all the social media platforms you use, as mentioned in the fields.

Alt Text

Also do not hesitate to share the links of any of your blogs/YouTube videos etc. thinking there is nothing much in it or there is less content, nothing is less when you try to share your knowledge or ideas, what you share and how you share it, is important! :)
This is also where they will get to know more about you! :)

STEP 6: Once you have completed filling the social media section, mention all the technologies you are interested in!
And if you think there is some additional information you want to add, you can add it in the next field asked in Additional Information section, after the technologies list!
For example, I am also passionate about the game of Chess, so I mentioned some of my achievements of Chess in this field.
Similarly, you can add in anything you want to share, here.

And this completes the Application form!

Hope you were able to fill it properly, if you have any doubts/questions, do put it in the comments below, I will answer them, Or you can contact me through LinkedIn: or Twitter:

I discovered about this Program by one of my seniors and through social media, and from then I was super excited to fill this form and apply for this amazing program. Once I filled, I was super happy to be one of those ambassadors who were selected, in January 2021. It was one of the most amazing days. Since then I am enjoying being in such a program and community.
I always tell everyone, that this is a family where we learn and grow together! I Hope you're all even more inspired to apply for this super amazing program, and are as excited as I was, to apply for this program! :)

No matter what the result will be, give your best, and work hard!!

Note: If an application is rejected, Applicant can reapply for the program.

Also, if you are thinking that can Microsoft Learn Student Ambassadors apply for Imagine Cup? YES! If you have a unique technology solution that you’d like to enter for the Imagine Cup , all Microsoft Student Ambassadors are welcome to register for it, if you would like to know more about Imagine Cup, you can check here,

Best Wishes! :)

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auwebber23 profile image
auwebber23 • Edited

Incredible program for students! I would like to study in Microsoft, one of the most technological companies in the world, but I am hardly skilled enough =(
I will continue to dream of such training, because at home in college I am bored and do not want to study at all. I use to somehow perform the tasks that are required of me. This resource helps me a lot. I hope that next year the study will be more interesting.

tina_popli profile image
Tina Popli Author

Yes, indeed it's an incredible program for students!
Maybe you're skilled and good enough but you just don't know it! Be positive and just give it a try with all the dedication you have! Let me know if you need any help in filling the application form! 😊

yugtotech profile image

Informative post! Thank you for this. Can I ask how long did you wait before you received an email that you are selected? Thank you so much!

tina_popli profile image
Tina Popli Author

Hello! I am glad you found it informative!
Yes, The selections are done after every four months, after the July-August Cohort which was announced, the next selections is expected to be announced in and around October.

devansuyadav profile image
Devansu Yadav

Awesome work Tina!

msraghavganesh profile image
Raghav Ganesh

Very informative, Well written Tina!

muhesi profile image

It's well done, thank you

carrycooldude profile image
kartikey rawat

Great Blog 👌😄😇

mridulaswami profile image

Hello ma'am , I wanted to ask you that can we upgrade our application form after applying , before it goes under review ?

tina_popli profile image
Tina Popli Author

Hello! Could you elaborate your question?
Do you mean if you can edit your application before it goes under review? Yes you can! 😄 Please let me know if you have any further question!

rohity24 profile image
Rohit Yadav

Wooo, well written article Tina!

mridulaswami profile image

Hello Tina ma'am, I wanted to ask if we have to make only one video from three questions or we can make all three videos for all three questions??

tina_popli profile image
Tina Popli Author

Yes, you can either make a single video answering all three questions or 3 separate videos answering the respective questions.
It is mandatory to answer at least one question with a video answer.
Hope this helps! Let me know if you have any other doubt! 😊