How to become an open data publisher using Dolt

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Dolt is a SQL database with Git-style versioning. In Git the unit of versioning is files. In Dolt, the unit of versioning is SQL tables. Dolt will eventually support 100% of the Git command line and 100% of MySQL SQL. Moreover, anything you can do on the Git command line, you will be able to do via SQL. Right now, we're at about 90% coverage of the Git command line and SQL.

DoltHub is a place to share Dolt repositories. In the Git context, you clone, push, and pull from DoltHub as if it was a remote. Like GitHub, DoltHub is a central place to collaborate on Dolt data projects. You can create or find public data to work on. You can give read and write permissions to your Dolt repositories to other users. You can have them create pull requests to improve your data. In the future we imagine DoltHub issues and releases. We also expect to invent some new data-specific features.

Sound interesting? We think so.

In an earlier blog post, we showed you you how to get started as a data consumer.

In this blog post, we'll show you how to publish data for other people to use.

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