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Consider contributing to Compuneers, a site highlighting unsung women, BIPOC, and LGBT+ pioneers in Computer Science

If you’re still working on getting your 4 PRs for Hacktoberfest, consider contributing to Compuneers, a site highlighting important women, BIPOC, and/or LGBT+ figures often overlooked in the history of Computer Science. Most people don’t know the stories of Grace Hopper, the ENIAC programmers, Lynn Conway, and so many other fascinating people who helped create the modern computing industry, and I hope this site goes a small step towards shedding light on who they were and are.

This is a project I’ve been wanting to start for a while now, with an emphasis on opportunities for collaboration. Right now it’s a simple Jekyll blog-style site, with a good amount of issues to tackle, and the option to submit issues for adding new figures from history to the site. It won’t take a lot of technical know how right now, since the focus is on publishing posts with as many important figures as possible to create a rich amount of content. Eventually, if people are interested enough, I’d like to move it to React, but for now this will do the job.

The whole point of the project is inclusion, so if you aren’t very experienced in web development yet and want to start contributing to open source, this should be a good beginner project to help out with. Likewise, if you’re passionate about bringing the stories of these often overlooked people to light, whatever your skill level, please consider contributing.

You can find instructions on how to contribute here or check out currently open issues if you’re interested. Thanks for reading!

You can find me on Twitter, check out my projects on GitHub, or view my portfolio for more info about me.

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