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Discussion on: ⚰️C# in 2022 — Will it die?

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Timotej Leginus

For every language that exists, there are people thinking it's going to die.
Holds true: whether it's C#, C, C++, Rust, Java, Kotlin, Go, D..

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Min • Edited on

Discussions about the rise and fall of programming languages have always been around. From looking at the popularity measure of C# though, it hasn't gained or lost much for many years. Together with C++ and Java, C# has maintained ground even as Python, TypeScript, Swift, Kotlin, Go, and Rust gained rapid popularity.

When newer languages explode in popularity it is natural to talk about whether the momentum is big enough to replace an existing popular language. But to suggest that typing in "C# dyi" into Google, which basically only has one English word that would fit that pattern, and two results coming up containing the word "dying" indicating that many people think that the language is dying, is misleading oneself. It means that significant number of searches containing "C# dying" were requested in the past. It doesn't mean that it is being searched much, nor that the searches were recent. In fact, despite it being a mismatch, the first suggested completion is "C# dynamic" - which indicates that most people do not question whether C# is dying. (I.e. Google seach thinks it is a stretch, but if you really are looking for it, then other people have search those terms too.)

Ultimately it doesn't matter, I'm sure that the author and the commenter meant well, and there is no harm done in jotting one's opinions down for a discussion. I am going to point out that from what I have observed from various technical forums and social media, at least from programmers who don't use C# day-to-day, C# is definitely not considered by any significant portion of people as a dying language.