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Oluwatimilehin Odubola
Oluwatimilehin Odubola

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Hello World into HNG Internship 5.0

The Internship, the biggest remote software developer program in Nigeria commenced some days ago.

It is well known for its training of upcoming software developers all over Africa through its well structured program, provision of resources and payment of basic allowance…yaay!! they give money too…Aside from that, you have the opportunity to meet and network with seasoned developers who will serve as mentors throughout the program.

Want to develop and move your career to the next level? HNG 5.0 is for you!

To join follow hng on twitter : and follow the application process on the page.

Signup to the internship closes 1st April 2019.

You can follow me on twitter @itz_timilehin to get more news update.

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