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Bending TSLint to your needs

timdeschryver profile image Tim Deschryver Updated on ・1 min read

After reading yet another twitter thread asking about the number of RxJS operators used in a project, I thought to myself that creating a small tool that does exactly this could be a fun little project.

After some time thinking about the best possible way to accomplish this task, I had split up the task into smaller ones to make it myself easier.
I had to:

  • iterate over every file
  • search for RxJS operators
  • keep count
  • print out the result

Keeping these smaller tasks in mind I noticed TSLint could be used for the first two tasks, doing most of the heavy lifting for me. This came in handy because I also wanted to dabble with TSLint and AST, or Abstract Syntax Tree, awesome two birds with one stone!

This post recounts the process I went through to create this new utility which I call rxjs-operator-counter.


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