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Tim McNamara
Tim McNamara

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My book on Rust is available on Amazon!

It may seem like a small milestone, but I'm really happy to share that my book, Rust in Action, is being sent around the world from Amazon.

I also spent some time creating a website for the book last night:

The source code for the book's examples is available here:

GitHub logo rust-in-action / code

Source code for the book Rust in Action

Welcome to Rust in Action source code

This source code repository is a companion to the Rust in Action book available from Manning Publications.

Supporting the book

Most book sales are generated on the basis of trusted referrals and recommendations Please add your rating or review on Goodreads, Amazon or perhaps even your own blog.

If you haven't got it yet, here are some links so that you can buy Rust in Action for yourself:

Providing feedback

The issue tracker is open, and is useful for minor bug reports.

Please use to submit issues for anything larger, especially if you want to discuss the book's text rather than a specific line of code That way you can communicate with a community…

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Mohamed Dahir

I am looking forward to getting this book. For anyone interested in what is this book about, here is its description:

Rust in Action is a hands-on guide to systems programming with Rust. Written for inquisitive programmers, it presents real-world use cases that go far beyond syntax and structure. You’ll explore Rust implementations for file manipulation, networking, and kernel-level programming and discover awesome techniques for parallelism and concurrency. Along the way, you’ll master Rust’s unique lifetimes model for memory management without a garbage collector.

Also, this reddit post has more information + testimonials

timclicks profile image
Tim McNamara

Thanks for adding more info. I wasn't sure how much to add in the original post.

stojakovic99 profile image
Nikola Stojaković • Edited

Thank you for this book. I bought it few months ago and even though I just glanced through it I found it as a very useful addition to Rust's The Book.

timclicks profile image
Tim McNamara

I'm glad that you enjoyed it Nikola!

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