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Sending ideas into Google Sheets by emoji reaction from Slack channel

Slack is one of the favorite messaging apps for businesses.
It gives us a chatroom shared among all members of an organization.

Have you ever wanted to save good ideas posted in Slack channel into Google Sheets?

Zapier makes it possible.

📖 Learn more Zapier

1. Sign up for Zapier

Open this link and create your account.
Zapier | sign up

2. Create a workflow

You can use this workflow have been already set up.

Create a row in Google Sheets from Slack messages with new reactions

Connect Slack and Google Sheets by following the guide Zapier shows.

Zapier slack reaction

Create a new sheet in Google Sheets when you see the bellow screen.

Zapier Google sheets

You need to add header items like this and delete rows after the second row.

Contributor Idea
Message user name Message text

Google Sheets

Set Message user name and Message text received from slack into the input fields of Zapier.

Zapier message fields

3. Test workflow action

Let's test your workflow action!

4. Publish your workflow

Publish your workflow after the workflow test.

Zapier publish


I hope this tutorial will help your team to collect ideas and issues.

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Woow. I like it. I believe that we can use in Devjour.

Thank you so much Kazuki