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Markdown blog with Appwrite connection

Overview of My Submission

I wanted to learn NextJS for a longer time now and started the development of a concept of a markdown blog. When the team of appwrite and came up with this hackathon I decided to participate by adding an appwrite functionality to this blog. My idea was to store the mdx files, which are originally stored in the posts directory, in the appwrite storage database. I am programming for nearly a month now and it's finally done. You just need an appwrite container and my markdown-blog image containerized. Additional information about configuration and setup can be found in the

On the technological hand I am using NextJS with dynamic frontend rendering, next-MDX-remote for mdx parsing and TailwindCss for styling.

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Web2 Wizards

Link to Code

Markdown Blog

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I wanted to learn NextJS for a few months. Now the time have come and I created a server for displaying markdown blog posts. So this is my first project using NextJS.

When noticing the new appwrite hackathon, I decided to add a feature to store your markdown post files in a appwrite database.

Installation and usage


If you are planning to add posts via the Appwrite Database capability, you need to have a Appwrite instance running on your local machine or on a server.

Files should be stored in a bucket in the storage and their ids must match the file name in order to be found!


  1. configuration.json in config
    • Example AppwriteDB
    "appwriteDatabase": {
        "url": {
            "host": "localhost"
            "port": 3000
        "projectId": "YOUR_PROJECT_ID",
        "postBucketId": "YOUR_POST_BUCKET_ID",
        "apiKey": "YOUR_API_KEY
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Additional Resources / Info



Appwrite dashboard


Storage bucket


Markdown files


file details


homescreen desktop

homescreen mobile

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Eldad A. Fux

Looks great!

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Timo • Edited

Thank you very much for your feedback!