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Discussion on: WebRTC - The technology that powers Google Meet/Hangout, Facebook Messenger and Discord

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Tilak Madichetti • Edited

Dude I don't have a pro account on medium - I can read only 3 art. / month. If you really want to help the community here, post stuff that we can at least read. Don't use this site to drive traffic to your posts on a paid platform . I am not saying you should completely avoid it but at least your post here should contain something - Not just a link . C'mon man - its not cool

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manish srivastava

copy link and paste in incognito window....may help

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Calvin Nguyen Author • Edited

Hi, Sure. Thanks for giving me some insight My apologies for forgetting about that. I'm new here, so just trying to give some useful links :)

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Yup I really hate medium now. People who really want to share for free (yup I understand some people want to make money and that is great too) should not post there anymore.