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Underrated Dev Podcasts To keep You UpToDate🚀

Are you a fellow developer? I hear you! As software creators, we're constantly fine-tuning our code, optimizing algorithms, and debugging. But what about our mental stack? Keeping it fresh with the latest industry trends and knowledge is equally crucial. Let's level up together!

Here's a handpicked list of my favorite underrated software development podcasts:

🌟 News and Trends:

  • Changelog News: A weekly podcast and newsletter that covers the latest developer news, trends, and tools. It features brief, entertaining, and informative episodes, as well as interviews with experts and innovators.

    If you like this podcast you might also enjoy their entire catalog on the
    changelog master feed

  • Minified: A bi-monthly podcast that gives a rundown of web development news, with topics such as JavaScript, Node, React, DevOps, and more. It features easy-to-digest stories with dad jokes included in every episode. ¹²³⁴

  • Frontend Fire:: A weekly show that helps you stay up to date on the latest and greatest in the front-end world. 🔥

🎙️ General Software Development Conversations and Insights:

  • CoRecursive: Coding Stories: Immerse yourself in inspiring coding stories, interviews, and discussions that celebrate the human side of programming. 📚
  • Software Unscripted:: Candid conversations and behind-the-scenes tales from software developers and industry leaders. 🎙️

  • Take a deep dive into browser developer tools and unlock their potential to enhance your web development workflow. 🔧

  • Kopec Explains Software: A podcast where a software engineer and his wife explain a software-related technical topic in plain English. They aim to help you develop an intuitive understanding of each subject, instead of emphasizing formal definitions. They cover topics such as Python, databases, algorithms, and more. ¹²³⁴⁵

🎧 General Web development

  • Modern Web Podcast: An interview-style show where we learn about modern web development from industry experts. It covers topics such as AI, React, TypeScript, performance, and more. ¹²³

  • JavaScript Jabber: A podcast for JavaScript developers, with discussions on frameworks, libraries, tools, and best practices. It features guests from the JavaScript community and covers topics such as TypeScript, React, Node, and more. ⁴⁵⁶⁷⁸

  • Go Time Golang Software Engineering:: Explore all things Go, from language intricacies to real-world applications. Perfect for Go enthusiasts and professionals.

    If you like this podcast you might also enjoy their entire catalog on the changelog master feed 🐹

  • Backend Banter: The only podcast dedicated to backend development, technologies, and careers. Lane Wagner, the founder of, interviews successful backend engineers to get their takes on various trends, technologies, and career tips for new backend developers. It covers topics such as Golang, Python, JavaScript, Rust, and more.

  • LogRocket:: Tune in to interviews with seasoned developers, covering various web development topics, often with a backend focus. 🎧

  • React Native Radio:: For React Native enthusiasts, dive into recent updates, interviews, and developer experiences. ⚛️

🎙️ YouTube channels

  • Ryan Carniato: The author of SolidJS, a declarative, efficient, and flexible JavaScript library for building user interfaces. He does Friday livestreams where he talks about various JavaScript frameworks and topics, such as React, Svelte, Vue, Alpine, and more.

  • Fireship: A channel that offers high-intensity code tutorials and tech news to help you ship your app faster. It covers topics such as web development, data science, machine learning, and more. It also features original series such as 100 Seconds of Code, The Code Report, and Code This, Not That .


And with that you'll never feel out of the loop in the web dev community during discussions ,Do note that this list has a heavy JavasScript bias **** ,I would be glad to see your alternate list 🎧👨‍💻

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