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The JavaScript Developer's Reading List

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I made a little repo of books and articles for JavaScript devs to read that either I've read or have been recommended to me by other devs.

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A list of books πŸ“šand articles πŸ“ for the discerning web developer to read.

JavaScript Dev Reading List

The JavaScript Developer's Reading List

A list of hand-picked books and articles for JavaScript developers

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The problem πŸ˜•

There are a lot of web development reading materials out there, from books to videos to blog posts. How can you know what is actually worth reading?

Solution 😎

Here I have hand-picked web development/JavaScript books and articles I have personally read or have come highly recommended to me by other developers.

Things to think about πŸ€”

Free books. Who doesn't like free books?! But if you are able, buy the book if it is offered as an option. No worries if you can't. But if it helps the…

If you have a suggestion, submit an issue or pull request.

Feel free to add your favorites but please keep it to JavaScript and maybe, once I get a feel for who wants what, I'll add other web tech like CSS and HTML. Also, make sure you've either read the book or it came highly recommended to you. I tried to avoid really bad books and articles from making it on this list so please keep that in mind.

Let me know what you think! πŸ“šπŸ“

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Open source enthusiast, autodidact, JavaScript hacker, React fangirl and herder of cats 🐈.


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Hi Tiffany! Thanks for the list! Recommendations for Junior vanilla JavaScript dev looking to get into deeper js and Ajax and frameworks? Specifically angular (and which version of angular to start with). Thank you!

Jason Blackstone


Hey Tiffany! Great information for Javascript list. It's helpful for beginners and I shared this post to my college juniors those looking learn java. I shared with you one site that provides online tutorials for many programming languages hackr.io Take a look. Hope so you like it.


Awesome list so far! I've read some of the books listed like the YDKJS series and I'm currently re-reading Eloquent JavaScript.


Me too.. Currently reading Eloquent JS


Hi Tiffany, I want to get started with JavaScript which book do you think I should get started with?


Hi Stefan, if you are new to JavasScript let me introduce this book which is well explained : JavaScript for web designers by Mat Marquis


YDKJS: Up & Going by Kyle Simpson. It's free to read on GitHub and I think it's free elsewhere but I'd have to look.


Thank you so much! About to dive into this list.


Hey Tiffany! Thanks for the guide. Really helpful


My pleasure! Hope you get some use out of it.


Thanks a lot! I'll be sharing this in my next JS beginner workshop


Wow! Thank you! πŸ™πŸΎ


Thanks, this is what make JavaScript stand from all programming languages is it comunities. Always helping each others and solving the community problem together. A hooray!!!